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About Me

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I have been helping people around the world to regain their health and wellness since 1986. I use scientifically validated, evidence-based treatments to solve my patients' health problems. Contact me today to learn how my exceptional services can help make you feel like yourself once more.


Physiotherapy qualifications

Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (MCSP) 1986

Diploma of Physiotherapy, Kings College Hospital , London.

A chartered physiotherapist is a qualified member of their professional body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). Through this membership they have committed themselves to providing high quality services and protecting the quality of physical treatments. See:

Member of Health Professions Council (HCPC) 1986 (PH36725)

The HCPC’s role is to protect the public by setting standards for registration as a health and care professional and keeping a register of individuals who meet these standards. The HCPC register is open to the public so that individuals can check whether a physiotherapist (or other health  care professional) holds registration. See:

Additional post graduate courses.​

 Sports Injuries (2 courses)

 Management of the Knee.

 Chronic Soft Tissue Injuries of Lower Limb.

 Acute soft Tissue Injuries of Lower Limb

 Strapping and Taping. - Cervical spine assessment & treatment.

 Lumber spine    “       “     “    “    “

 Connective Tissue Massage.

 1st and last 48 hours of Injury.

 McConnell Anterior Knee Pain.

 Recent advances in Orthopaedics.

 Cervicogenic headaches,

 Nervous system mobilisation,

 Myofascial release.


 Muscle Imbalance of Cervical spine and Upper Quadrant,

 Muscle Imbalance In Sports and Ballistics,

 Muscle Imbalance of Lumber spine and Trunk.

 Mulligans Nags, Snags and MWMs.

 Neck and Back Management.

 4 day accredited Acupuncture.

 The Shoulder,

 Clinical Pilates Matwork level 1 & 2.

 Dry Needling part 1.

 Thoracic Outlet syndrome

 First Aid 

My Physio Journey thus far...

Having trained at Kings College Hospital in London in 1986 I added to my training by gaining experience in different areas of Physiotherapy as a junior physio in Lewisham Hospital, London then at the John Radcliffe Hospital Trust in Oxford. In Oxford I started to specialise more in Trauma and Orthopaedics, finally becoming the senior Physio in the John Radcliffe Trauma Outpatients Department and then Bicester Hospital. 

I then spent 9 years in Sabah, Borneo where I worked in a private hospital treating outpatients with the usual aches and pains as well as in-patient Orthopaedic cases and Cardiac surgery cases. During this time I was also the team physio for the Sabah state professional football team, travelling with them around Malaysia and the Far East . After a couple of years back at the John Radcliffe Hospital I got married and moved to The Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Here I worked in a private orthopaedic clinic as well as treating people in their homes/palaces.

Now I'm living in Mid Devon and have set up my own practice travelling to treat people in their homes. 

Contact Me

Morchard Bishop, Devon. EX17 6PJ

07597160558 or 01363877803

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I would like to highly recommend Jo.

Back in 2013 I had an operation to remove some torn cartilage in my left knee.

However, I wasn't really given much guidance from the hospital as to what to do to help recover.

I sought out Jo and she was able to give me simple, but importantly, specific exercises to perform. She thoroughly explained not only what I was to do, but why.

This helped motivate me.

Jo is full of knowledge, she is straight forward, and puts you at ease.

I was in good hands and I healed much better as a result of her help.

If I feel any kind of twinge in my opposite knee, I practice the exercises to hopefully prevent needing any surgery.

I'm grateful for Jo's help.

I wouldn't hesitate to seek her out again if I had any other physical ailments.

Jenni Eden, Life coach, Yoga Instructor.


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