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Mobile Physiotherapy Service..

Bringing along my treatment couch and any other equipment I need, I come to you to assess and treat you. I cover many areas in mid Devon including Crediton, Chulmleigh, Black Dog, Puddington, Morchard Bishop, Kennerleigh etc.

There are many advantages of this but to name a few -

No need to find or pay for parking and then having to walk to a clinic.

No time spent travelling to a clinic or having to find a location.

No need to get in and out of a car whether driving your self or as a passenger, especially if you have a lot of pain or aren't very mobile.


Whether you have a one-off assessment and treatment session or a longer course of physiotherapy, I think it is important that my patients play an active role in their recovery so they can remain pain-free once treatment ends.

Physical Therapist

Assessment & Diagnosis

Assessment & Diagnosis forms an integral part of my approach. Every client will be thoroughly assessed at the initial appointment to ascertain the root cause of the complaint. Only then can an effective treatment plan be put in place. This usually takes up to an hour.


 Through my years of experience, I’ve found that manual therapy of different kinds, along with exercise prescription gives the best outcome for recovery. I may also use other treatments like trigger point release and taping to enhance the process. Treatment sessions are 30-45 minutes.

Sports Injury
Man on Walker


Rehabilitation aims to help restore strength, balance and normal mobility and function.

Some examples of when Rehab is recommended - 

After orthopaedic surgery eg Hip replacement, Knee replacement, Ligament repair, Shoulder rotator cuff repair, Back surgery.

After an injury eg Ankle sprain, Fall, A Fracture.

After a long period of inactivity - due to illness or injury.


All patients will be given some exercises to do following their treatment. This will enhance the effect of the treatment by improving strength, regaining range of movement, stretching tight structures and improving posture. 

With a knowledge of Clinical Pilates I often use these exercises to improve the core strength in the abs, gluts or shoulder girdle to give one the core strength needed to be able to move around pain and weakness free.

Stretching Together

Conditions Treated

Back Pain.

Neck Pain - headache, tension, "crick neck".

Shoulder pain - rotator cuff injury, impingement,  frozen shoulder.

Tennis/Golfers Elbow.

Wrist and Hand pain, Repetitive strain injury.

Hip pain - ITB, Groin strain, Arthritis related pain and loss of mobility.

Knee pain- Ligament sprain, ACL, Patella maltracking.

Muscle Strain - Hamstrings, Quads, Calf, Rotator cuff.

Foot and Ankle pain- Sprained ankle, Plantar Fasciitis, Flat foot.

Sciatica, Nerve pain.

And many other conditions that affect the muscles, ligaments, joints or nerves which cause pain and the inability to function normally.


Jo managed to sort out, in one session, a problem that had been hampering me for weeks and has since been instrumental in dealing with various muscle 'wrenches' and badly torn ligaments for me most skilfully. She referred me for further investigation to an Orthopaedic Consultant who commented most approvingly on her assessment and the treatment she had given, such that no further was action was needed from him. Jo is always the first port of call for me now.

Adrian Miller, Kennerleigh.

I was lucky enough to meet Jo last year. She has been treating my 90 year old mother,  keeping her mobile (and happy!). Jo has got straight to the nub of a couple of ongoing problems that have been with me for years.

Her explanations of the issues and on going exercises were so straight forward and easy to follow.

Jo is experienced and professional and I always come away from my appointments feeling both physically and mentally better.  I highly recommend her.  

Emma Samengo-Turner, Puddington.

Heading 1

Contact Me

Morchard Bishop, Devon. EX17 6PJ

07597160558 or 01363 877803

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